Nelly Tsenova converts gallery Aspect to a flower garden

28/02/2019 11:48
With the approach of spring at the beginning of the "female" March, Aspect Gallery will become a flower garden.

On the walls, the fairy flowers will blossom out of the paintings by Nelly Tsenova, who has gathered in her new painting cycle all the symbolism of transience and revival of life.

The idea for this exhibition was spontaneously created in the spring of last year when Nelly returned from a visit to the Tulip Festival in Istanbul, packed with lots of impressions and inspired to carry them on a canvas.
In the course of its work, its concept evolved to create an entirely new cycle of paintings, united by the flowers as an object of image, but emphasizing above all the symbolism that is characteristic of each flower.

"It is no coincidence that flowers and floral motifs are the most often depicted things in art, their presence in the human lifestyle, customs, and beliefs is immeasurable, and that is the ultimate desire of man to recreate and hold beauty," says the artist.

The opening of the exhibition is on 6 March (Wednesday) at 18:00. The exhibition will remain in the Aspect Gallery until March 26, 2019.