Nina Petrova and Ivo Petrov with third iIndependent exhibition in "Aspect"

13/06/2018 11:03

The third individual exhibition in Aspect Gallery and in Plovdiv opens Nina and Ivo Petrovi - an artistic family, which is supported only by painting.
The two artists are representatives of the Pleven school, known for its traditions and great names in Bulgarian painting.
They have graduated the School of Applied Arts in Tryavna, and then - painting at Veliko Tarnovo University.
They live and work in Pleven. They present their works mainly abroad, mainly in France, Spain and Russia.
The artistic family seldom makes exhibitions in Bulgaria, all the more together. But Aspect Gallery is a special place for them and as Ivo shares in an interview: "Only in Plovdiv we felt like a European city in our exhibition, a complex combination of people, atmosphere and attitude."
The privilege to visit the current exhibition of Nina and Ivo Petrovi for the Plovdiv audience will be from 13 to 30 June.